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This girl Nikki Kay seems so tiny and innocent, but at heart she’s a true rebel. Her neighbor always catches her stealing her parents car without permission. The funniest thing about this is that she can’t even see over the steering wheel so she has to use a huge cushion, which makes her even more conspicuous. Sean Lawless’ mailbox got ran over recently, and he thinks it could have been Nikki Kay. He decides to try to not only catch her taking the car, but also confront her about the broken mailbox. One day when she’s pulling out, he creeps up behind the car to snag a pic of the license plate. He ends up getting a bit too close, but plays it off as if he got hit when he really didn’t. Nikki Kay is super sorry and feels so bad, she has no idea what to do. The first thing that comes to her mind is to maybe offer a massage, Sean Lawless hears this and hops right up to redeem his prize lol so much for getting injured. As Nikki Kay is massaging his leg, she talks about how glad she is that she hit him. She thinks he’s kind of cute and has wanted some alone time with him for a while. His dick pops right up in his basketball shorts, and this is where Nikki Kay finds out a better way of making up for hitting him. She opens that tiny gullet wide to vacuum any juices she can out of Sean Lawless’ hard dick. When he’s good and ready, he starts plowing her petite body all over the living room, being sure to go as deep as he can within her minuscule little pussy. All great things must CUM to an end, in this case that ended up being all over Nikki Kay’s cute little face.

Nikki Kay’s PUNYtive Damages

Nikki Kay’s PUNYtive Damages

Added on: October 23rd, 2017

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