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Three unconnected vignettes, perhaps scenes from early Salieri movies.
The first scene features Deborah Wells, Charlene Roben and Tracy Adams in a porn cinema. The camera cuts to Deborah, lightly dressed in a fur coat and nothing but lingerie underneath. While the companion on her right gropes her tits, an old guy on her left tries to touch her knees. First she refuses his hand but then he gets a french kiss from her. Her boyfriend then fucks her reverse doggy in a cinema chair while a third guy licks her tits.
Some seats further to the right, Charlene starts fucking Philippe Soine with her mouth. Another old guy sits down beside her. His cock slides into her mouth before she lowers her asshole onto Philippe’s cock. Eventually both guys jerk off onto her face and over her tits.
Tracy seems quite irresolute. Does she feel uncomfortable with all these old wankers surrounding her? Obviously – she leaves them behind for an undisturbed blowjob in the last row.
Scene two features Laura Valerie and another blonde (Isabelle Allay) in a typical living room set. After a quite uninspired lesbian scene, Philippe Soine bangs the blonde in both of her holes. He jacks off between their faces.
In the last scene we meet Charlene Roben again. Together with a busty girlfriend she fondles Robert Malone’s cock. He takes both girls doggy reverse before they share some cum.

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Mario Salieri – Hard Cinema

Mario Salieri – Hard Cinema

Added on: January 28th, 2017

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